Emilio Greco, 82, the sculptor who designed the bronze...


April 08, 1995

Emilio Greco, 82, the sculptor who designed the bronze doors on the medieval cathedral in Orvieto, Italy, died of a stroke Wednesday in Rome. He was a poet and engraver and was hailed by Pablo Picasso as the greatest draftsman in Europe.

Christian Pineau, 90, a World War II resistance leader and government minister who helped create Europe's Common Market in 1957, died Wednesday in Paris. After France fell to Nazi Germany in 1940, he created the first resistance network in the occupied zone. He worked with Charles de Gaulle in London in 1942, returning to France in 1943 with resistance leader Jean ++ Moulin. He was deported to Buchenwald in December 1943 and liberated in April 1945. He recounted his experience in the widely acclaimed "Krematorium."

Orin Ensign Skinner, 102, who worked as a stained-glass artisan in the medieval tradition for 65 years, died Tuesday in Newton, Mass. In 1921, he joined Boston's Connick Studio, which designed and constructed more than 15,000 stained-glass windows for nearly 5,000 churches, libraries and schools worldwide.

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