Use household items to decorate eggs


April 08, 1995|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

Easter is on its way. Make the traditional craft of egg decorating a family affair this year. Here are some egg decorating techniques that are real kid pleasers. All you need are a few hard-cooked eggs, prepared edible dyes in small bowls and a variety of household items.

Rubber-band tie dye -- Wind 2 or 3 rubber bands of various widths around an egg. Be sure the rubber bands are snug. Dye the egg and let dry. Remove the rubber bands to reveal the designs.

Office-supply designs -- Stick peel-off stars or loose-leaf binder reinforcement rings randomly on the egg. Be sure the stickers adhere completely to the egg before dipping in the dye. Dye the egg and let dry. Peel off the stickers while they are still damp to reveal the designs.

Glitter eggs -- Dye egg and let dry. Dip a toothpick or thin paintbrush in white household glue. Make a design or write words on the egg with the glue. While the glue is still wet, carefully sprinkle glitter over the glue. Shake off excess glitter. Let glue dry.

Special messages -- Write a name or message on the egg with a wax crayon. For example, "Eggs-traordinary Sister!"

When egg is dyed, the words will show.

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