THE politicians talked, the band played, the children...


April 04, 1995

THE politicians talked, the band played, the children sang, but as the ground-breaking ceremony for the Main Street reconstruction project in Annapolis drew to an end last Tuesday, Mary Craighead knew who was most important.

The Duke of Gloucester Street resident handed a bouquet of yellow spring flowers to the construction foreman and put a yellow daffodil in the back of his hard-hat.

"I do wish you every success," Mrs. Craighead told the foreman, who laughed good-naturedly.

Later, Mrs. Craighead said she realizes the difficult job that lies ahead for the construction crews. For the next eight months they will be tearing up the bricks from downtown Annapolis' main thoroughfare and burying telephone and electric lines.

The project has already been delayed by bickering between residents, historic preservationists and merchants, who couldn't agree on the width of sidewalks. The construction crews will be working double shifts and depending on favorable weather in order to finish the project before Dec. 1.

"Attitude is going to get the job done," Mrs. Craighead said.

* * *

THE following press release was received from Robert W. Coleman Elementary, a West Baltimore public school that last fall became the first in Maryland to begin a "year-round" calendar:

"Adults are not the only people hoping that the baseball strike will end. Students at Robert W. Coleman, the only year-round school in Maryland, have 35 free tickets to Camden Yards waiting for them on May 4.

"As an incentive to fourth and fifth grade students, Oriole tickets were promised to those students receiving a good report card in March.

"In addition, students had to write essays explaining why they wanted to go to the baseball game.

"Everyone at our school, but especially those students who earned good report cards, is anxious for the strike to end."

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