Jack M. Warner, 79, son of legendary Warner Bros. studio...


April 03, 1995

Jack M. Warner, 79, son of legendary Warner Bros. studio co-founder Jack L. Warner, died of cancer Saturday in Los Angeles. He was an executive producer and director at Warner Bros. until his father fired him in 1958 after they had a falling-out over the elder Warner's second marriage. The son produced "The Hasty Heart," starring Ronald Reagan, in 1949 and "The Man Who Cheated Himself," starring Lee J. Cobb and Jane Wyatt, in 1950.

Irma Hadzimuratovic, 7, a Bosnian girl whose paralyzing shrapnel injury helped put a human face on the brutal war raging in her homeland, died Saturday in London of a blood infection. Irma was 5 when she was hit by shrapnel from Serb shelling that killed her mother. The shrapnel left her paralyzed from the neck down. She was brought to Britain Aug. 9, 1993, after her Sarajevo doctor, frustrated by what he called United Nations red tape, turned to news media. Pictures of her stirred international sympathy, and hundreds of Bosnia's war wounded were airlifted out for treatment.

Stanley A. Cain, 92, a pioneering conservationist who helped develop the science of ecology and was an assistant secretary of the Interior Department in the 1960s, died Saturday at a nursing home in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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