New Recycling Schedules

April 02, 1995

New collection schedules begin this week for the Harford County and City of Havre de Grace curbside recycling programs.

The addition of junk mail, paperboard boxes, manila folders, gift wrap, telephone books, construction paper and envelopes to the curbside recycling program has resulted in a slight adjustment of collection schedules.

* HARFORD COUNTY -- Beginning tomorrow, recyclables will be split into two groups -- containers and paper -- and will be picked up on alternating weeks. The first week, blue bags filled with glass, plastic, metal and aluminum will be collected curbside by private haulers on the regular recycling day. The next week recyclable paper products in blue bags along with flattened corrugated cardboard will be collected.

Last year, county residents recycled at curbside about 448,000 pounds of aluminum, 1.1 million pounds of metal containers, 1.4 million pounds of plastic, 2.3 million pounds of glass, 8 million pounds of newspapers and 5.9 million pounds of corrugated cardboard.

* HAVRE DE GRACE -- Plastic, glass and metal containers will be collected this Thursday and Friday, followed by yard waste April 13 and April 14; paper will be collected April 20 and April 21, with yard waste closing out the month April 27 and April 28. Thursdays will always be recyclable and yard waste days for residents on the west side of U.S. 40. Recyclable and yard waste days for residents living on the east side of U.S. 40 will be Fridays. All other household waste will continue to be collected on its current schedule.

Since June 1992, the 3,700 city homeowners have been recycling plastic, glass and metal containers, newspaper and cardboard along with yard waste through a municipal curbside program. Last year, nearly 1.3 million pounds of the city's residential solid waste stream were diverted through recycling.

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