Willis Regier: Next chapter at Hopkins Press

March 31, 1995|By Carl Schoettler

Willis G. Regier, the head of the University of Nebraska Press, has been named to replace Jack G. Goellner, who retires today as director of the Johns Hopkins University Press.

"Bill Regier is one of their ablest, most talented publishers within the university press ranks," Mr. Goellner said. "He is an admirable choice to lead Johns Hopkins into the next era of scholarly publishing."

Dr. Regier will take charge May 1 as the fifth director of the 117-year-old Johns Hopkins press, the nation's oldest university publisher.

A 1971 graduate of the University of Nebraska who earned his doctorate in English in 1978, he started at Nebraska's university press in 1978. He became director in 1987. Dr. Regier said he's delighted to join the "extraordinary" Hopkins press.

"The country is full of publishers out to make a buck," he said, "but there are very few who can rely on the quality of their scholarly work to sustain their business enterprise. Happily, Nebraska and Johns Hopkins have been in the small company."

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