Nursery to present a circus

March 27, 1995|By Rosalie Falter | Rosalie Falter,Special to The Sun Sun staff writer Consella A. Lee contributed to this story.

The nursery school students at St. John Lutheran Church will be putting on a one-ring circus Friday under the "Little Top" in the church's Fellowship Hall.

The 25th annual circus show not only gives the students a chance to perform for their parents and grandparents, but also ++ lets them collect food for the North County Emergency Outreach Network. The price of admission to the 10:20 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. shows is a can of food.

Jane Soverns' two classes of 4-year-olds will be the first to perform under the "Little Top," actually a big white parachute fastened to Fellowship Hall's ceiling. The performance will begin with a parade led by Snoopy, the school mascot. Jonathan Hrybyk will portray the Charles Schulz character.

"It's fun for the kids of course because they get to choose what part they want to be," said Ms. Soverns.

The nursery took 116 children, their siblings, parents and grandparents on a field trip Friday to the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Baltimore Arena.

At their circus, 72 children will wear costumes. Richard Lombardi and Lenny Riggleman will play the lions tamed by Sammie Cwik. She also will perform as a ribbon dancer along with Lauren Takovich, Briana Lee, Nicki Ritz and Diana Demestihas.

Other big cats will be played by Erin Harrington, Kristen Shuck and Emily Fador. Charlie Santoro and Ian Cole will be elephants and will play "Ring Around the Nosey." Kenneth Huang will be the lonesome dinosaur, while Patrick Daciek does some monkey business.

Crissie Martz, Taylor Shiflett, Cortney Gillespie and Tara Watts will walk the tightrope and be followed by Erin Weber, who will be the dancing bear.

NTC Clown drummer Matt Kooser will provide the beat for clowning around by Ariana Pazdersky, Daniel Brook, Ryan and Leanna Lawlor and Ryan Heck. Jessica Fultonberger will be the circus dog. Ronnie Fitzhenry will be the balloon boy. Matthew Quinlan and John Cosner will be the strongmen.

Cowboy Michael Orzechowski will ride his horse alongside Megan Burkhardt, the zebra, and share the ring with Hanna Egan, the unicorn, and Daniel Russell, the circus horse.

Dolphin Richard Orzechowski and seal Christina Crawford will be joined by the penguin trio of Taylor Bittner, Jay Drenner and Dustin Van Ells.

Volunteers Adeline Bradshaw and Eadie Leach will provide music and assistance for the morning performance and the matinee at which Barbara Bernheimer and Tammy Chilipko's classes will perform.

Ronnie Hartman, Sean Thompson, and Danielle Walsh will be the lions. The clowns will be Yousaf Ahmad, Autumn Serafini, Brittany Roles and Lauren Yirka. Ryan Padgett and Jaime Burkhead will play Romeo and Juliette, the baby elephants.

Erika Melaragno, Amber Schmidt, Emilie Boone, Ally Mills, Margie Mote, Alyssa Pellegrino, Brittany Casey and Ashley Mertel will be the afternoon ribbon dancers. Unicorn Erica Frank will be followed by giraffe Jamie Fisher, zebra Justin Martin, tiger Jenny Brodie, monkey Samantha Pippen, seal Krystal Phillips, strongman Ryan Griffen and high wire walkers Michael Ray, Daniel Austin and Joseph Pikerton. Trainer Taylor Brown will present her dog Rags played by Rachael Howland.

The performance will end with Paul Gatley III's act as a penguin and the singing of Fred Wirsching, who plays a spider, and his friends Ryan McGee, Lindsey Hall and Michael Bealefeld.

Lexie Snyder, the guest performer at both shows, will clown around as Bubbles.

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