Baltimore's Steinert proves his ranking


March 26, 1995|By DON VITEK

Mike Steinert is on a roll and seems determined to top all of his previous exploits on the local and national scene.

The Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association's top-ranked male bowler for the past two seasons, the Baltimore native seems destined to top the list again.

Bowling in two leagues, he's averaging in the high 150s and the low 160s, both figures above his top-ranked 1994 average of 152.884 (and more than two pins over his closest rival).

In the Duckpin Bowlers Tour Super Bowl at Fair Lanes Westview, he started at the bottom of the stepladder finals and shot 660-plus for the four games to win the $3,000 first prize.

This month, he traveled to White Oaks lanes near Washington to compete in the Shorty Divvers Scratch Singles Tournament.

"I didn't get off to a good start," Steinert said. "My first two games were 143 and 146."

His next three games -- 180, 162 and 177 (519 three-game set) -- were good enough to win.

Then he hurried back to Baltimore's Westview Lanes and the Duckpin Bowlers Tour. He had to hurry because he qualified as the top seed for that singles event.

And came close to winning it, finishing second to Matt Warfield. One day, two tournaments, two cashes, one first place, one second place.

Winning never gets old

Phil Meagher of Highlandtown, 71, keeps on going.

"I started setting pins at the Patterson in 1939," Meager said. "I've been around the game ever since."

Meagher still bowls at the Patterson lanes in the Friday morning Old Stars league.

"I broke my arm in 1974 [on the soccer field], had two steel plates placed in it and didn't bowl for about 10 years," he said. "I was averaging about 127 in league play when that happened, now the average has dropped to about 117."

In the Duckpin Bowlers Tour events that he competes in almost every weekend, he's averaging 127.

"I've made the [stepladder] finals three times," he said. "And each time I've won the event."

And in three different centers -- Middlesex, Harford and Joppa, all Fair Lanes houses.

In May, Meagher will celebrate his 72nd birthday.

"I was active in soccer just about my whole life," Meagher said. "As a player, when I was a youngster, as a coach and as a referee and I've been notified that on May 19 I'll be inducted into the Maryland Soccer Old Timers Hall of Fame."

Some high scores

The Fair Lane Middlesex Friday Pro Doubles posted the following scores on March 3:

* Larry Lipka, 205/502; Chuck King, 223; Ted Lewinski, 210; Bonnie Myers, 222; Mike Kempa, 204.

In the Monday Major Mixed, Corrine Lipka fired games of 156, 215 and 199 for a 570 set.

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