J. Anthony Lukas is writing a new book, about 'the trial...

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March 26, 1995

J. Anthony Lukas is writing a new book, about 'the trial of the Century." The characters include: the most famous detective in history, the most famous lawyer and, perhaps, the most famous defendant. . . . No. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. In 1905, Harry Orchard confessed to killing the former governor of Idaho. And, he said, Big Bill Haywood, George Pettibone and Charles Moyers, of the Western Federation of Miners, had hired him to do so (and to kill 23 other people whose politics they didn't like). The bomb exploded by the governor's garden gate. The community was sealed off. Orchard's confession was denounced by the trio as a conspiracy. . . . It gets better. . . . But this, confesses Lukas, is bigger than the O.J. case, "because the president was involved."


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