Hats off to a great party idea for spring


March 25, 1995|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

If your daughter celebrates a spring birthday, turn your home into a millinery for this year's party. Guests will love making and decorating their own charming flowery bonnets.

You'll need leftover sheets of pretty prepasted wallpaper; an 8-ounce whipped topping container or a small mixing bowl; one strong rubber band; fabric scraps; silk flowers; tissue; lace; ribbons and paper streamers; and household glue.

Cut the wallpaper in two large squares, approximately 20 inches by 20 inches each. Dampen sheets with a wet sponge. Carefully put sticky sides together, keeping a square shape. Lay the damp wallpaper on a table and place the tub/bowl right side up in the middle of the square. Gently lift and gather the wallpaper around the tub/bowl. Have another person place rubber band over wallpaper at the rim of the tub/bowl. Let dry about an hour, while partygoers play games, open gifts and eat.

Remove rubber band and tub/bowl. The wallpaper should be molded in the shape of a hat. Use scissors to round off edges.

Decorate with ribbons, buttons and flowers.

Note: If you give a party for young children, mold the hats beforehand and let the kids decorate them.

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