Man robs New Deal Optical store

March 23, 1995

A man who claimed to have an armed accomplice robbed a New Deal Optical store Tuesday night of an undisclosed amount of money, county police said yesterday.

Police said the man walked into the store in the 7700 block of Ritchie Highway about 8 p.m. and said to an employee, "This is a robbery. Give me all your money. I have a friend outside with a gun."

The employee gave the money to the man, who ran south across a parking lot. The robber was described as a white male in his mid-20s to early 30s with reddish blond hair, about 6 feet tall with a medium build. He was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweat shirt and blue jeans. The employee did not see any accomplice.

Hidden thief takes computer equipment

A thief hid inside a CompUSA store in the 6600 block of Ritchie Highway Tuesday night and stole an undetermined amount of computer equipment after employees left for the evening, county police said yesterday.

The thief hid in a cubby hole made of computer boxes in the back of the sales floor, said Lt. Robert Johnson. The man slipped through the store, avoiding motion detectors, and loaded computers and computer chips into a shopping cart, Lieutenant Johnson said.

The thief tripped the motion detector on his way out, about two minutes after midnight, police said.

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