State seeking claimants to $7 million

March 22, 1995|By a Sun Staff Writer

Misplacing $200,000 is hard. Misplacing it and not realizing it's lost is harder.

But Marylanders have apparently accomplished both feats, as evidenced by payouts from the state's unclaimed property office.

Last year the office reunited one "orphan" account of $210,368 and another of $199,768 with their apparently ignorant owners. State officials distributed a total of more than $7 million in unclaimed funds to nearly 12,000 people last year.

Now they want to do it again. Through advertisements and other means, the Maryland officials are trying to match 17,000 people and businesses with millions of dollars in unclaimed money, including dormant savings accounts, uncollected paychecks, misplaced stocks and bonds, and forgotten safe-deposit boxes.

All told, the state has records of 215,000 accounts worth more than $62 million.

A list of the 17,000 potential claimants to unclaimed property is published as a special section in today's editions of The Sun.

The unclaimed property office's phone number is (410) 225-1700 or (800) 782-7383.

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