Baltimore Bests Ncaa Tournament East Regional

March 19, 1995|By Paul McMullen

Some highlights and lowlights from the NCAA tournament at the Arena:

Most dominant player: Wake Forest sophomore center Tim Duncan was way too much for North Carolina A&T and Saint Louis, as neither team could put up a big man to oppose him. He had 46 points and 21 rebounds in two games.

Biggest surprise: Alabama center Antonio McDyess, who had 61 points and 36 rebounds in two games to show that Duncan wasn't the only good sophomore big man in the house.

Biggest bust: A tie between two cold shooters, Alabama's Jamal Faulkner and Saint Louis' H Waldman.

Best hustle: Minnesota guard Townsend Orr diving onto press row for the steal and assist that forced Saint Louis into overtime in the first round.

Best steal: Down by nine points to Alabama in overtime, Penn appeared finished, but Jerome Allen made a three-pointer, stole the inbounds pass and made another three in the span of nine seconds.

Best dunk: Any by McDyess.

Best block: Tie between Duncan's key second-half rejection of Saint Louis' David Robinson, or the pin-against-the-glass number Minnesota's Jayson Walton against the Billikens.

Coolest coach: Amid a sea of foot-stompers and pleaders, Oklahoma State's Eddie Sutton actually used his seat on the bench.

Best catch: McDyess rejected a Penn attempt right into the Quakers' cheerleaders, where one of the women never flinched in making the snag.

Best upset: The fact that there wasn't one. Form followed other than No. 9 Saint Louis beating No. 8 Minnesota, but 8-9 games are tossups, anyway.

Best quote: "They were like an ingrown toenail. They're a pain that won't go away," Alabama center Roy Rogers on pesky Penn.

Best mascot: The Oklahoma State Cowboy has a head nearly as big as Rush Limbaugh's, but Minnesota's Goldy the Gopher won points by walking on the mezzanine rail.

Best reason to leave the Arena: Maryland on TV and the first 10 minutes of the Oklahoma State-Drexel game that finished Thursday's first round.


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