The Waiting Game

March 19, 1995|By Buster Olney

Mike Devereaux

What he would be doing if there were no strike: Devereaux, a free-agent outfielder, would be in camp someplace trying to rekindle his career. Last year for the Orioles, Devereaux, 32, hit .203 with nine homers and 33 RBIs. The Orioles have no plans to re-sign him.

What he's doing instead: Devereaux is at his home in Tampa, Fla., waiting for the owners' signing freeze to end. He says his agent is talking with a couple of teams (Devereaux won't say which teams). He is working out daily with fellow major-leaguers Fred McGriff, Jody Reed and Dave Magadan at the University of South Florida. "We try to get done before their players start coming out for practice," Devereaux said.

What he's doing when he's not working out: "I'm doing what I'd be doing even if we were playing baseball -- doing a little work around the house, working out. I'm into a bit of a routine."

The last time he wasn't playing baseball in spring: "When I was in high school, in Wyoming. It would be too cold to play, but we would be getting ready to play."

How he's handling the wait: "The great majority of us haven't gone this long without playing some kind of sports. It's frustrating. We're as anxious as anyone to get this over with."

When he thinks the strike will be resolved: "Hopefully, the government can do something about this. I know the owners have a deadline to get this thing settled. We just don't know what it is. All we can do is wait for the owners' deadline."

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