Great Story, Wrong Person on Havre de Grace Revival


March 19, 1995

Your front-page story on March 6, "Town Hopes to Grow Gracefully," portrays our present mayor at the Concord Point Lighthouse, standing on the Promenade. The last citizen who should be given any credit for making our town charming and historic would be Gunther Hirsch.

One of his first tasks as mayor was to "fire" dozens of dedicated volunteers, cut off city services to a new public library and start a reign of intimidation. . . . His shoebox apartments dot our quaint historic streets. The ugliest building in Harford County is now our City Hall. He fought to keep the Decoy Museum from becoming a reality. He opposed and stalled the latest grant to the Susquehanna Lockhouse Museum. He tried for years to kill the money for the Promenade. And, our downtown is dead because he has enacted so many anti-business rules, regulations and taxes. . . . Our beautification committee recently resigned because he promised support and failed to help those volunteers.

Your story should have featured Allen Fair, former mayor and state Sen. David Craig, former mayor Charlie Montgomery, City Council President Anna Long, Ellsworth Shank, Jane Jacksteit, Al Marini, Joe Guzman, Elsie Stackhouse, Duane Henry, Richard Tome, Jim Pierce, Cecil Hill or Jim and Carol Nemeth. These people have made Havre de Grace the most beautiful and charming town in the northern Chesapeake.

Mitch Shank

Havre de Grace

The writer is a Harford County councilman, representing District F.

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