Council Right to Reject Extra Media Center MoneyI applaud...


March 19, 1995

Council Right to Reject Extra Media Center Money

I applaud Anne Arundel County Council Chairwoman Diane Evans and the five other council members who voted 6-1 to reject the additional $500,000 for overruns to complete the media centers.

It is crystal clear that the Board of Education's action was irresponsible, and it should be held accountable.

As for board member John J. Klocko III's statement that the community shouldn't be held responsible, what kind of message do you send to the students and the community by rewarding irresponsible work? Shame on you.

John Birkmaier


'Just Federal Funds'

I read when Mayor Kurt Schmoke proclaims he is "proud" of the Housing and Urban Development program in Baltimore, and also of his friend, Daniel Henson, its chief. . . .

Mayor Schmoke will be in a race with Mary Pat Clarke soon, but now he is in a race with former Gov. William Donald Schaefer and Gov. Parris Glendening to see who can out-pillage the other in the taxpayer funds bonanza.

Mayor Schmoke's friends and relatives, along with Mr. Henson's, cashed in on a feeding frenzy of taxpayer money. Schmoke claims it is all right because it was just "federal funds."

Richard C. Fleig Sr.


Redistricting in the West

This letter is to encourage Anne Arundel County school Superintendent Carol Parham and members of the school board to reconsider redrawing the elementary school boundaries with the Meade feeder system to reflect the neighborhood school format endorsed by the redistricting committee, and to correct problems we have been bringing to the board's attention for the last three years.

The redistricting committee did not address the jigsaw puzzle nature that now exists within this part of the county. It did, however, stress the importance of neighborhood schools.

It is very important at the elementary level that most of the children attending a school live in that particular neighborhood.

This is especially important at the elementary level, where parent volunteers play such a vital role.

The housing patterns now in effect due to the current boundaries are also of concern. Many young children take long bus trips on a daily basis that are unnecessary.

Redistricting could give these children back part of their day, and at the same time save the county money.


* Harman Woods South. These children are currently bused to Jessup Elementary 4.6 miles away. Yet they live within walking distance (0.4 miles) of Harman Elementary. Putting them in this school could save one bus daily.

* Greenbriar. These children are currently bused to Jesssup (5.2 miles away), when they live 1.1 miles from Harman. These two communities could be picked up at the same time and be sent to Harman Elementary, eliminating the need for another bus daily.

* Peach Orchard. These children are currently bused to Jessup Elementary (3.7 miles away), when Harman Elementary is just 1.4 miles away. This would reduce by more than half the bus trips these children take. There are sections of Provinces currently bused to Harman Elementary which are further away than Peach Orchard.

* Meade Village. These children are currently bused to Harman Elementary and yet live within walking distance of Van Bokkelen Elementary. If overcrowding prevents these students from attending Van Bokkelen, they are still closer to Severn Elementary (1.4 miles) than to Harman (2.5 miles). Lake Village townhouses currently attend Severn Elementary when they are 1.9 miles away from that school. Why do the townhouse residents attend Severn Elementary and not Meade Village when Meade Village is closer?

We recognize the difficulties involved in making these decision. During the redistricting process over the past few years, we were assured that the boundaries of the elementary schools would be addressed.

If this is to be the only redistricting for the next five years, we feel this is our only chance to realign our boundaries to become a neighborhood school. . . .

Patti Thomas


The writer is with the Harman Elementary PTA, which voted to support this letter.

Animal Control Kudos

I would like to commend Anne Arundel County Animal Control for saving the life of an innocent dog, thereby preventing the needless termination of a six-month-old male Keeshond who was found roaming the Pleasantville neighborhood.

Within one hour of our call, animal control staff had arrived and took the homeless dog into custody until he could be reunited with his owners or placed with new ones. Although he wasn't reunited with his owners, Animal Control did an excellent job in finding him a home. Thank you so much.

Stacey A. Linck

Glen Burnie

Knights of Columbus Fun

On behalf of Grand Knight John Hoover and Father McGivney Council No. 7025, I would like to thank you for making the ninth annual "Day of Fun -- For Our Special Ones" a very successful and heart-warming day.

Over 175 handicapped/retarded children, along with family members, were present to participate in the semi-skilled games for prizes that your business graciously provided. I know that you would have felt the same pleasure that all the participating Knights felt had you been present.

This event won the International Award in 1988 as the best youth activity throughout all the Knights of Columbia councils in the world. Again, we wish to thank you for your cooperation and generous donations.

Without you, it would have been impossible to present the handicapped/retarded a really "fun day." Looking forward to next year, third Saturday in February.

James L. Kilchenstein

Glen Burnie

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