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March 19, 1995|By Elizabeth Large

Victorian look popular again

Victorian is back -- but this time around it's a little more relaxed. As the century wanes, designers are noting an increased nostalgia for the romance and elegance of the past. But, says Donna Wisecup, editor of Victorian Homes and Gardens, a new magazine that will be out this spring, we aren't going back to the dark rooms of the Victorians, their overly patterned decorating or the layers on layers.

"I have a computer with a CD-ROM in my bedroom," she says, "along with lots of lace pillows on my bed." She points out that one Victorian ottoman with a bullion fringe can look great even in a contemporary room.

Seed money

Got a touch of spring fever and feeling creative? You can win free flower and vegetables seeds for life, up to $100 worth a year, from seed company Thompson & Morgan, Inc. That's the prize for the best hanging basket put together by a home gardener.

Submit a color photograph of your basket and a list of materials used to Thompson & Morgan, Inc., P.O. Box 1144, Hanging Basket Competition, Jackson, N.J. 08527. Entries must be postmarked by Aug. 31. Call (800) 274-7333 for more information.

Cleaning up

Skip spring cleaning; do it in the fall when it's cooler. It's also more efficient to remove summer dirt that comes in from open windows in the fall.

That's the kind of cleaning tip we like to hear in March. You'll find it and thousands more in the new Reader's Digest paperback Household Hints & Handy Tips ($14.95), out this month.

Find out how to clean dirty grout lines between bathroom tiles. (Run a round typewriter eraser along them.) How to prevent chairs from scratching hardwood floors. (Glue bunion pads on the chair leg bottoms.) As one reviewer said, "Heloise, eat your heart out."

In the spirit

The shop is called Christmas Spirit, but nevertheless it has one of the best assortments of Easter accessories around. You can get ornaments for Easter trees in the shape of miniature carrots; glass, wooden and real decorated eggs; bunnies and chenille chicks. The shop has lovely toys for children's Easter baskets. And there are all sorts of collectibles -- this is the first year for Snowbunny porcelain figurines, for instance. (Yes, it's the same company that makes Snowbabies.) Here you'll find all those plush and porcelain rabbits, chickens and other birds and miniature birdhouses.

Christmas Spirit is located at 180 Main St. in Annapolis; (410) 268-2600.

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