Around the house* Store sack of sugar in plastic bag to...


March 18, 1995|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Store sack of sugar in plastic bag to keep from drying out. When ready to open, transfer into dry, plastic milk jug; sugar will stay dry and can be poured easily.

* Open jars easily. Wrap a rubber band around lid to ensure a firm grip and twist. After opening, slide a piece of plastic wrap over top and screw on lid. Next time, lid can be twisted off easily.

* Save paper dividers that are found in packages of sliced cheese; place beneath cut lemons, tomatoes or fruit when storing in refrigerator.

* Apartment dwellers who need extra storage space can store detergent, softener and dirty (not damp) laundry in the washing machine

In the garden

* Soak clay pot in water overnight before transplanting a houseplant. This prevents pot from absorbing moisture from soil, robbing the plant's roots.

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