Annapolis mayor appoints residents to committees

March 17, 1995

Annapolis Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins has appointed several Annapolis residents to serve on two committees.

The appointees to the City Manager Committee are: former Mayor Roger "Pip" Moyer, chairman; Alderman M. Theresa DeGraff; Harvey Ennis; Michael D. Mallinoff; and Hillard Donner.

The committee will consider a possible transition from a mayoral to a city manager system of government and will make recommendations to the City Council by May 31.

The appointees to the Special Committee on Exempt Service Position Salaries are: William H. Brill, chairman; Jeanne Slawson; Dennis Parkinson; Joan Leanos; and Chris Allen.

The committee will make recommendations on the salaries of the city's exempt service employees. The report is required by May 31.

Edgewater woman charged in attack

An Edgewater woman arrested for driving with a suspended license also was charged with battery Wednesday morning after a police aide was attacked at the Southern District station.

Steven Wesley Cooper, 26, the police aide, let the woman out of her cell about 1 a.m. so that she could make a telephone call. The woman became irate and abusive toward Mr. Cooper, at one point allegedly telling at him to "get out of my face or I'll give you something to arrest me for," police said.

Mr. Cooper took the telephone from the woman and hung it up. She allegedly slapped him in the face, and he subdued her with the help of another officer and returned her to her cell, police said.

Mary Kathryn Franklin, 35, of the 1200 block of Mayo Road was charged with battery.

Man punched by thief who took his car

An unidentified man punched an Annapolis man in the face Wednesday night and drove off in his car, county police said.

David Lee Cole Jr., 21, told police he was parked on the McDonald's restaurant lot at Generals Highway and Bestgate Road shortly after 8 p.m. when a man in a green jacket punched him and then yanked him from his 1985 Chevrolet Cavalier.

The man then got in the car and drove away, police said.

Mr. Cole went to a friend's house on Housley Road and didn't call police about the incident until 9:45 p.m. He was not seriously

injured in the attack, police said.

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