Concealed structure is built into some spring dresses


March 16, 1995|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Q: I have a big bust and cannot wear the simple slip dresses. I also find it embarrassing to show too much bust. What do you suggest?

A: Forget about the simple slip dress and look for one with a built-in bra. Many designers realize how impractical the basic slip is for most women.

In Paris, Emanuel Ungaro explains: "I have always believed in dressing real women, and real women need structure in clothes. Even when I use the most fluid fabrics I add structure. It's concealed, but it's there."

For spring, Ungaro designed many of his evening dresses with built-in bras. "What is important in this collection is simplicity. So in many of my outfits I have allowed the structure to show. To me it looks fresh and feminine."

Q: I have extremely big ears, with long and fleshy lobes. No matter how I wear my hair it is obvious my ears are there because they are completely out of proportion to the size of my face.

To hide them, or at least draw attention from them, I've collected large earrings, many of them with drops.

Recently, however, one of my co-workers took me aside and told me my earrings were "inappropriate" for our office. I am upset about her remarks. We work in a publishing house. Do you think she is right?

A: It depends on the shape and design details of the earrings. If they are glitzy and overdecorated, they could well be out of place. But if you have chosen earrings in matte materials and simple sculptured shapes they could be quite chic.

When I asked accessories designer Robert Lee Morris for his thoughts, he responded with a resounding, "No, not in a free society like ours," adding:

"Many companies have dress codes, but this is a melting pot society, not a military state. We all should be allowed to project our personalities and style through our choice of fashion. So if you look and feel your best wearing big earrings, do it."

In the meantime, why not consider a visit to a plastic surgeon. A small operation could work wonders for your ears and give you much more freedom in what you wear.

Elsa Klensch is style editor for Cable News Network.

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