The Waiting Game

March 14, 1995|By Buster Olney

Mark Williamson

What he would be doing if there were no strike: Williamson likely would be attempting to make some team as a nonroster invitee to spring training. Williamson, 35, is a free agent and says his representative has talked with a couple of teams, including the Orioles. Last year, Williamson went 3-1 with a 4.01 ERA for the Orioles, pitching 67 1/3 innings in 28 appearances.

What he's doing instead: "I'm unloading the dishwasher," he said yesterday when reached at his home in Timonium. Williamson said he throws occasionally, tossing against a wall, and goes through some aerobic training.

The last time he wasn't playing baseball in spring: "Back in high school. Must've been sophomore year, when I didn't make the team [at Mount Miguel High in San Diego]. . . . I wasn't a pitcher back then. I was a shortstop."

How he's handling the wait: "Good. I'm better suited to this than I would be if I was in my first or second year in the league. I'm getting toward the end of my career. . . . I might have an involuntary retirement. I still feel I can play, but if this drags on, my opportunities get smaller."

When he thinks the strike will be resolved: "Probably sometime in the beginning of April, hopefully sooner than that. . . . You can't get too high reading stuff [about the progress of negotiations] in the paper. That's going to be the drawback -- mentally, you get numb to everything that goes on."

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