Jordan may want NBA, NBC money

March 13, 1995|By Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

FORT LAUDERDALE Fla. -- Michael Jordan wants the NBA and NBC to compensate him beyond his salary for his return, a league source said.

"Look what he's giving the league just by discussing a return," the source said. "Look at the interest in it. It's the biggest thing you've seen even before it's actually happened. He sees that, too."

Apparently, Jordan figured the NBA didn't pay him properly the first time around. So he wants to correct that before jumping in this time.

As it stands, the prorated $1.03 million he would get from his existing Chicago Bulls contract reflects only a drop in the basket of what Michaelmania II would bring the league.

Jordan is asking NBC to pitch in for his return, the source said, since the network has three regular-season telecasts left with the Bulls, plus the playoffs.

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