Four-Period Day Deserves a TryI am currently in the 11th...


March 12, 1995

Four-Period Day Deserves a Try

I am currently in the 11th grade at Bel Air High School. I am writing in favor of the proposed four-period day. I feel very strongly about it. I also feel that the students will be able to learn better, and mostly the underclassmen will benefit from it more, because they will have a longer time to work with it than the seniors. It will prepare students for a college experience. Students will be able to take more classes . . . with the eight classes instead of seven.

I understand that there may be some controversy with the parents, but every student will benefit. My reason for believing this is there will be less homework because of more time in the classrooms, and also working with your peers helps kids learn more easily because you are learning from each other, not just the teacher.

Some students and teachers have been to other schools that are engaged in the four-period day and say that attendance and grades have improved. Superintendent of Schools Ray Keech was all for it. I think a lot of parents discouraged him from it. Parents need to realize that having the four-period day will only improve their children's knowledge. We are not giving it a chance.

In a way, I don't even feel that it is really up to the parents. It's good for them to give their opinion, but I don't think that Dr. Keech should have based it all on them. They are not the ones who need to go through this. It's our education.

Many people feel that Dr. Keech did not let Bel Air High School have the four-period day because he didn't want to deal with the parents. . . . The students aren't being heard. I don't think the four-period day will hurt students, it can only benefit them.

Beth Heimbach

Bel Air

Sauerbrey's Folly

First, the fiscal conservative Ellen Sauerbrey couldn't admit defeat and pursued a lawsuit constructed on air that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. Now, since she was open enough to report $25,000 from the National Rifle Association, suddenly it is again Gov. Parris Glendening who is in the wrong.

Just remember, without her frivolous lawsuit, there would have been no need for the defense fund. It's about time we start paying attention to the way our state is being governed instead of knee-jerk reacting to manipulative charges.

Let's concentrate instead on the fact that our governor is intent on keeping business and bringing new businesses to the state. Harford County is one of the first recipients of this drive. He also has pledged that taxes will not be increased during his administration and, with careful planning and keeping a watchful eye on fiscal disasters being orchestrated in Washington, will be working for tax reduction.

Alice Smith


PG Surprises

The fiscal surprises continue in Prince George's County.

During the election campaign for governor, it was gleefully claimed that Prince George's County was to be left with a $45 million surplus. It was enthusiastically proclaimed that the 12 years under Parris Glendening were years of progress and fiscal responsibility.

Surprise, surprise!

The Feb. 16 Sun reported a number of strange facts. Prince George's County:

* Has a $131 million shortfall in its budget.

* Faces a layoff of 830 people and other budget cuts.

* Plans to close six libraries.

* Plans to eliminate the "golden parachutes" that reward selected individuals for so-called involuntary separation in the pension plan of county government.

* Faces negotiated provisions in union contracts that guarantee no layoffs.

* Has some of the most lucrative pensions and fringe benefits in the state.

A high Prince George's County union official is quoted as saying, "I hope the state of Maryland doesn't end up this way. The same people are going up there who headed things down here."

Surprise, surprise!

It seems that lying and concealing the truth is a way of life for some politicians. It always surprises me that most of the media only uncovers the real stories after it is too late for preventive or remedial action.

The state of Maryland had a clear choice, and chose the "snake oil" pitch of Parris Glendening instead of Ellen Sauerbrey and her truthful medicine. We now hear that Ellen is a sore loser, and is not bringing out the true facts about a tainted election.

The winner and the attorney general are downplaying the entire problem and the questionable results. Who do you believe? Who is telling the truth now? I hope the voters in this state get more luck than they deserve.

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

Rapists, Speeders?

I would like to thank the editors of The Sun for running the recent story on the abduction and gang rape of a 13 year-old girl by 10 youths.

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