Easily charting whose turn it is


March 11, 1995|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

A couple months ago I came up with a chore/privilege board as a way to keep track of who's who in the job and privilege categories of daily life.

For a sturdy chore board, we use:

* 1 piece of white foam board, cut in an 18-by-9-inch rectangle

* 6 adhesive-backed plastic hooks in bright colors

* 6 metal rings

* several plain index cards, cut in 1-by-5-inch strips with a hole punched at the top of each strip). If you have, say, two children and six categories, you will need 12 strips.

* Markers and ruler

Discuss chores and privileges for a typical week, such as "set dinner table," "vacuum stairs," "choose Saturday bike route." Use a black marker to print chore/privilege categories across top of board. Draw vertical lines down the board to separate them. Under each category, attach a hook.

Print names on each strip. On each ring, attach strips for each child in the family.

On each hook, hang a ring with strips. The name appearing on top of each ring is responsible for the task-privilege in the category. If Jennifer's name is on top under "water plants," it's her turn. When she's done, she flips her name over the ring and the next child's name appears.

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