Disposal area to accept toxic products


March 10, 1995|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

It's time to think about spring cleaning -- not to do it, but to think about it.

It's a good time to look around in the kitchen, in the back recesses of the shed and on the top shelf in the garage for all those wonders of modern chemistry that are terrific products but toxic.

If you no longer need these products, or they are just too old to use, bring them to Howard County's roving Household Hazardous Waste disposal area.

On April 8, you can bring these items to the drive-through service at the Gateway building on Snowden River parkway west of Interstate 95. The service will accept such items as insecticide, rug shampoos, drain cleaners, paint thinners and degreasers.

These and other chemical cleaners cannot be poured down the drains.

Please don't bring any liquids that are usually recycled at the Alpha Ridge Landfill, such as latex paint, car batteries, used motor oil, oil filters and antifreeze.

The service won't accept them.

By the way, these products can't go down the drains either.

If you have any questions about this collection, call the Bureau of Waste Management at (410) 313-6444.


The Howard County Chamber of Commerce has selected Laurel Woods Elementary teacher Holly Smith as one of its 10 best teachers of the year.

Vernice Lacey, the fourth-grade team leader, was also nominated for the honor.


Alice Webb, president of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, will be the featured speaker at the Laurel Arts League March meeting.

4 Her topic is "Make Your Colors Glow with Light."

Anyone interested in art or watercolors is invited to the talk and demonstration by this national award-winning artist.

The meeting will be held Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Montpelier Mansion Carriage house at Route 197 and Muirkirk Road in Laurel.

For more information, call (410)740-4479 or (301) 725-7263.


The Savage Boys and Girls club reports this week's basketball scores:

In the Instructional league, the Terrapins closed their season by beating the Tarheels, 29-12. For the Terrapins, Tommy Gregorini had four rebounds and four steals; Casey Gallas had two rebounds and Katie McFarland scored six points. Alex Magner led the Tarheels, with the help of Sean Connors' rebounds and Steve Sherman's all-around support.

In the Junior league, the Hawkeyes defeated the Spartans, 32-31. Mike Frankos scored a clutch free throw for the Hawkeyes, and Jason Davis scored the winning basket. The Hawkeyes couldn't have done it without Brad Stewart's rebounding. Brandi Tippett, Matt Troup and Kevin Hall played a terrific game for the Spartans, keeping the scoring close in this game.

The Hawkeyes won their second game this week by defeating the Bucks, 47-41. Nick Gallas led the Hawkeyes with a game-saving free throw, with help from Casey Gunther's steals and Megan Reynold's hustle. Keegan Wilkinson led the Bucks, with help from Mark Nowacek and John Wayne on defense.

The Badgers defeated the Gophers, 42-40. Curtis Gore, Brendan McClellan and Adam Young played hard for the Badgers against the equally fine efforts of Gophers Tommy Johnsen, P. C. Johnsen and Adam Engelkemier.


The First Baptist Church of Savage welcomes a new interim pastor, the Rev. Paul Viswasam, his wife, Chelly, and their two children. Dr. Ernest Beevers retired last fall.

The search committee is looking for a permanent pastor, but until then, Mr. Viswasam is undertaking the duties while serving his congregation in Clarksville.


The Montpelier Cultural Arts Center will present its second spring recital Sunday at 3 p.m.

The flute concert by Maria Luisa De La Cerda is free, but seating is limited so call the center at (410) 792-0664 or (301) 953-1993 for details.


These programs are sponsored by the department of Parks and Recreation. Registration is needed in advance. Information: 313-PARK or TTY, 313-4665:

* Wednesday, registration opens for For the Birds, a library story time for 5- to 7-year-olds at the Savage Library.

The session will be held March 29 at 3 p.m. Come learn about birds, then make a snack to share with our feathered friends.

* There's a Skunks and Cabbage walk tomorrow at Savage Park at 1 p.m. Hear a nature story, look for signs of spring and learn to identify animal burrows.

The cost is $8 for a family or $3 a person.

* Country western dance classes will be offered at Patuxent Valley Middle School this spring, with classes beginning March 20.

The hourlong classes begin at 8:15 p.m. Dancers are encouraged to bring partners, but not required to do so.

* Joe Parrish will teach children Aiki Jujitsu at Guilford and Laurel Woods Elementary this spring.

The eight-week, hourlong classes will be available Thursdays at 7 p.m. at Guilford and Fridays at Laurel Woods, beginning March 30 and March 31.

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