Panel to study giving mayor added power

March 09, 1995

A newly appointed commission will study the advisability of revising the 1708 Annapolis city charter to grant the mayor greater power over the government.

The five-member panel, selected last week by Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins, will examine whether the mayor's authority should be expanded or whether that power should be vested in a city manager, said Roger "Pip" Moyer, who was mayor of Annapolis in the 1960s.

Mr. Moyer will lead the commission. The other members are Ward 7 Alderman M. Theresa DeGraff, City Administrator Michael D. Mallinoff and residents Hillard Donner and Harvey Ennis. The panel was formed at Ms. DeGraff's urging.

The commission's recommendations would apply after the next mayoral election, in 1997. Currently, the mayor has a vote on the City Council and no veto power.

The commission will consider whether Annapolis should adopt a "strong mayor" system, giving the mayor veto power but no vote on the council. The panel also could recommend hiring a city manager to handle the city administration, leaving the mayor to handle public relations.

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