Impeach SchmokeIsn't this the same Housing Authority that...


March 06, 1995

Impeach Schmoke

Isn't this the same Housing Authority that awarded millions to the Nation of Islam to patrol the projects, even though they were the highest bidder? (And not to mention the fact that they are hardly an equal opportunity employer -- no whites, no Asians, no Hispanics, no Catholics, no Protestants -- nothing but black Islamics.)

Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke deserved The Sun series -- he's incompetent and ought to be impeached for operating outside the law.

Bid or no bid -- the mayor is squandering the taxpayers' money -- and it's not just Baltimore City's taxpayers' money. These are federal funds that have been dissipated merely to award contracts to black minority firms.

What happened to equal opportunity? If the taxpayers don't impeach him, then they deserve the corruption at which he is the center.

Paying a contractor $225 to nail a board across a door to "secure" it? If the bid had been let out, I would have done it for half.

Tillie Lapidus


Police Matters

As a Baltimore police officer's wife, I read the article (Feb. 12) concerning Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier with mixed feelings. These varied from rage to clamorous humor. I have never read a more self-supporting, self-imposed, conceited attempt to dupe the citizens and police officers of Baltimore.

Mr. Frazier in his articulate fashion has become the Commissioner of Rhetoric. Never once has this pompous individual given a candid answer.

His talent lies in the ability to observe an audience, sense their emotions and propagate a response satisfactory to all regardless of validity.

If Mr. Frazier had any serious considerations to his convictions, why would he request officers to move into questionable communities, jeopardizing their families' safety for the sake of salvaging a poorly conceived policy of community policing, when in fact he resides in Roland Park?

Why would he implement a rotation policy under the pretext of affirmative action, to insure minorities placement in detective positions? In realty, it's a policy of purging senior officers by indirect forced retirement.

It's no wonder the surrounding jurisdictions are becoming favorable recipients of Baltimore's senior officers' expertise.

Why would he state his support for higher wages, as the Baltimore Police Department ranks 13th out of 15 in salaries of the largest police departments in the U.S., when during wage negotiations he supported Mayor Schmoke for a reduction in wage increases?

But he agreed to a 12 percent wage increase for his command staff, to keep their salaries in line with other jurisdictions.

Why would he deliberately fragment the Police Department (black/white, male/female, detectives/patrol officers) to where unity, cohesiveness, support and solidarity are questionable?

Mr. Frazier can have all the recognition and laurels for the deterioration of the Police Department's morale. He has shown time and again his inability to support officers in time of crisis. He has left these fine men and women shallow and untrusting.

Ah, if only he knew, he had an opportunity upon arrival in Baltimore to gain the support and trust of his subordinates. Instead, he elected to alienate himself through deceit and blatant supercilious rhetoric.

Delores B. Fickus


Cheese Steak Sub?

Your recent article about House Bill 999 which would eliminate funding of the federally subsidized school lunch and breakfast programs ensuring that schools serve nutritious meals featured a picture of a young student eating a cheese steak sub.

A cheese steak sub? Maybe the program should be done away with for the sake of the health and well-being of the students.

Arthur L. Laupus


Sex at Loyola

The recent brouhaha over the seminar on sexuality at Loyola College drew the expected responses, especially from talk radio. The "voice of reason" types predictably condemned the showing of the films viewed by the students based on the presumption that what was being shown was pornography.

If we want reason to prevail, then a closer examination of the situation is warranted.

First of all, no student was forced to sign up for the seminar, and the registered students were not forced to watch the videos.

Second, it appears that the protesters' use of the term "pornography" implies that sex is dirty, even though the overwhelming majority of the human race since creation has engaged in it in a variety of forms.

Third, if what is really upsetting people is the showing of the love-making between homosexual couples, then what we're really saying is that lesbians and gays are excluded from the universal experience of feeling love for another human being. At least they are forbidden to express feelings in a bodily way.

The Loyola students could have availed themselves of various other opportunities to view explicit sexuality. Instead, they opted to do so under the guidance of mentors.

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