Residents seek more bus stops

March 03, 1995|By TaNoah V. Sterling | TaNoah V. Sterling,Sun Staff Writer

Worried about vandalism and safety, Chesterfield residents have asked the county Board of Education to add more school bus stops in their community to reduce the number of students gathered at corners in the morning.

Tim Trogdon, chairman of a five-member committee called The Bus Stops Here, presented to the school board Wednesday a petition with about 100 signatures of parents and other residents asking for the change.

The petition calls for the board to "implement and enforce a policy restricting the number of students picked up and dropped off at bus stops in our community to eight students" and recommends that "students, bus drivers . . . and school administrators-principals should be disciplined appropriately if the policy is not respected."

Heide Stover, who lives on Leeds Drive, said Chesapeake Bay Middle School students sometimes block the intersection near her house playing football in the middle of the road. She said students have destroyed cable boxes in her neighbors' yards and thrown eggs. She said she also was concerned about safety. "We were just afraid the kids were going to get hurt."

Mr. Trogdon said he worries that "an errant driver" could run into the crowd of 20 or so elementary school children who wait at a stop with his daughter. "I think it's just a horrible thing waiting to happen," he said.

Doni Fitzgerald said that "about 40 to 45" middle school students wait in the morning for a bus at Tower Bridge and Old Crown roads. "That bus fills up every morning at that stop," she said.

Melissa Berry, a sixth-grader at Chesapeake Bay who waits for the bus at Brickwall and Brookhaven roads with 26 others, said problems carry over into the bus. "Our bus is overcrowded," she said. "There's three people in a seat, and there's only supposed to be two."

Winship Wheatley, supervisor of transportation for the school board, said putting more bus stops in Chesterfield is not easy.

"Bus stops in Chesterfield have been hard to establish because no one wants them at their corners," Mr. Wheatley said. "Every place we put it, they tell us to leave."

Mr. Trogdon said his committee will meet with the Chesterfield Community Association board of directors next month try to gain the board's support for the petition.

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