Detective says bag links Williams to 2 victims

March 03, 1995|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Sun Staff Writer

When police arrested Scotland E. Williams in May, he had a bag of belongings that linked him to the two lawyers he is accused of killing, according to testimony yesterday in Anne Arundel Circuit Court.

Mr. Williams, 31, of Arnold is being tried on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Jose E. Trias, 49, and Julie Noel Gilbert, 48. The couple were found shot to death in their weekend home in Winchester on the Severn May 16.

Detective Darryl Hagner testified yesterday that Ms. Gilbert's gold-colored Seiko watch was in a brown grocery bag Mr. Williams had when he was arrested as he left the home he shared with his mother in the 800 block of Bradford Ave.

According to police testimony, Mr. Williams was arrested at 6:05 p.m. May 19 after police released his photo -- but not his identity -- to area newspapers and television stations.

Police had staked out Mr. Williams' house after Detective Ed Stratton recognized Mr. Williams in the photo the afternoon it was released.

Detective Hagner testified yesterday that the grocery bag also contained:

* A blue bandanna that an FBI expert testified was worn by a man videotaped using the victims' automated teller machine cards to withdraw $3,000 from two banks.

* A receipt from a Baltimore drugstore near where police found Ms. Gilbert's Acura Legend May 17.

* A receipt for a 58-cent squash purchased at a supermarket in the Cromwell Field Shopping Center where Mr. Williams was allegedly videotaped withdrawing cash from the Elkridge National Bank.

Detective Timothy Zywiolek, the primary investigator in the case, said that at the time of the arrest, Mr. Williams was wearing the same glasses and gray and blue vinyl jacket that an FBI expert said were worn by the man videotaped using the victims' bank cards.

Mr. Williams was carrying $2,160 in cash, most of it in $20 bills, when he was arrested, Detective Zywiolek said.

Detective Zywiolek also testified that Mr. Williams declined to talk when brought in for questioning, but said that as he was leaving the interview room, Mr. Williams told him, "You can't get me. I'll just say some girl gave me the [bank] card."

At another point, Mr. Williams also told the detective, "I know I'm never getting out," Detective Zywiolek testified.

In cross-examination by Craig Gendler, one of Mr. Williams' lawyers, Detective Zywiolek said police had no evidence that the victims' home was broken into and no murder weapon.

The detective also said he forgot to include Mr. Williams' comments in a detailed police report written two months after the arrest.

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