Sheriff's office honors volunteers, deputies and correctional officers

February 05, 1995|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,Sun Staff Writer

The Harford County sheriff's office honored deputies, correctional officers and volunteers for meritorious service in 1993 and 1994 at ceremonies Tuesday in the Circuit Courthouse.

Deputies 1st Class Michael Davis and James Eyler were presented Sheriff's Medals of Honor for their actions Aug. 15, 1993, in confronting a Bel Air man who had doused himself with gasoline and was threatening to immolate himself and burn his home.

The deputies negotiated with the man, who was barricaded in an upstairs bedroom, and persuaded him to surrender.

Honored for valor

Deputies receiving Valor Commendations included Cpl. Charles Klein, Cpl. Barbara Johnson, Deputy 1st Class Kathleen Cosgrove, Cpl. Teressa Walter and Deputy 1st Class John Krass. Others were Deputy 1st Class John Mina, Deputy 1st Class Duane Williams, Deputy 1st Class Christine Presberry and Deputy 1st Class Jan Ryan.

Corporal Klein and Corporal Johnson, a correctional officer, grappled with a drunken drug abuser in Circuit Court July 8, 1993. Corporal Klein prevented the man from grabbing his service weapon after the man kicked him in the groin. Corporal Johnson subdued the man with a stun gun.

Deputy Cosgrove answered a domestic dispute complaint Oct. 16, 1994, and arrested a suspect armed with a meat cleaver.

Corporal Walter and Deputies Krass, Mina and Williams joined state police officers May 11, 1994, in chasing a Baltimore County man who shot Trooper Eric P. Johanson and fled into Harford County. The fugitive fired at least one shot that struck Deputy Williams' patrol car. The man eventually ran into a nearby woods, where he was apprehended.

Deputies Presberry and Ryan were on foot patrol June 8, 1994, when they heard that an armed bank robbery suspect was in a nearby store. When the man tried to flee, Deputy Presberry tackled him.

Deputy 1st Class Charles Carr was given a Valor Commendation and a Life Saving Award for his actions during a fire April 1, 1994.

Also receiving Life Saving Awards were Sgt. Edward Hopkins, Deputy 1st Class John Miner, Deputy 1st Class Michael Saylor, Deputy 1st Class Daniel Galbraith and Deputy 1st Class Ryan. Also given the award were Deputy 1st Class Donald Hindenlang, Cpl. Michael Capasso, Officer Richard Hampton, Officer Daniel Haslup and Officer Robert Aigner.

Sergeant Hopkins, off duty, was riding a bicycle April 29, 1993, when he encountered a traffic accident in which a 16-year-old boy's brachial artery was cut. The sergeant's first aid was credited with saving the boy's life and his arm.

Deputies Miner and Saylor rescued a firefighter who was seriously injured after falling 50 feet from a railroad bridge into Winters Run Oct. 23, 1993.

Deputies Galbraith and Ryan helped save an infant's life Dec. 31, 1994.

Deputy Hindenlang administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save a man's life May 3, 1994.

Corporal Capasso and Officers Haslup and Aigner, all correctional officers, stopped a suicide attempt at the Detention Center Oct. 27, 1994.

Officer Hampton rendered first aid to a prisoner. The inmate died later at an area hospital.

Purple Heart given

Deputy 1st Class Joseph VanSeeters received a Sheriff's Purple Heart. He was struck by a van driven by a drunken driver Jan. 31, 1993, as he was checking another suspected drunken driver along the Bel Air bypass.

Receiving merit commendations, letters of commendation and certificates of appreciation were Officer Harry Pafel, Officer Kevin Walker, Officer Eileen Summers, Police Communications Officer Kimberly Stritzinger, Deputy 1st Class Thomas Walsh and Deputy 1st Class David Betz. Also receiving them were Deputy 1st Class Jeff Petty, Deputy John Ryan (2), Cpl. Steven Rathgeber, Cpl. Keith Warner, Deputy 1st Class James Waltman, Deputy 1st Class Hugh Williams, Deputy 1st Class Christopher Parrish, Deputy Presberry, Deputy Saylor, Deputy Mina, Lt. R. Thomas Golding, Deputy 1st Class Marc Eaton and Deputy 1st Class Michael Davis, former Officer David Garcia and citizen Joseph Pons.

Deputies Eaton, Miner, Saylor, Williams and Deputy 1st Class Leroy Fothergill also received commendation letters for awakening residents at an apartment fire Aug. 6, 1994.

Civilian volunteers honored for hundreds of hours of assistance to the sheriff's office were Diane Bowman, Betty Kuhns, Evelyn Bertrand and Wilbur Manley.

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