Judge changes bail status of stabbing suspect

January 31, 1995

Howard County prosecutors persuaded a District Court judge yesterday to change the bond status of one of three people charged with assault and battery last week -- part of a motion they filed to revoke their bonds.

Judge James N. Vaughan ordered Steve Jarrott, 39, of Columbia to the Howard County Detention Center on $5,000 bond yesterday morning, said Gail Kessler, assistant state's attorney.

Mr. Jarrott is one of three defendants in the Jan. 22 stabbing assault on Mark Golston in Columbia's Wilde Lake village.

Prosecutors called Mr. Jarrott, Cynthia Hopewell and Kevin Dale Coleman "a danger to public safety" after Mr. Golston complained that they had made threatening phone calls to him early last week.

One day earlier, the three were released by a judge because an office computer that would have shown their criminal histories was not working, court officials said.

Judge Vaughan allowed Ms. Hopewell and Mr. Coleman to stay free on their original unsecured bonds, Ms. Kessler said.

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