Students gain honor of performing in chorus, band, orchestra


January 31, 1995|By NATALIE HARVEY

The talented children of the '90s are lucky if they live in Howard County and Maryland, where they are given the opportunity to display their talents in chorus, band and orchestra.

First, their schools' teachers recommend the students for auditions. When accepted, they are given prepared music to perform, as well as individual readings. Hundreds of students compete.

Listed below are East Columbia students, their schools and teachers who have been awarded the honor of performing in select groups.

Elementary Enrichment Orchestra students are Brian Suscavage, Lauranne Lanz, Andrea Griffin and teacher Daria Nebesh of Dasher Green; Natalie Heeb, Adam Schoeni and teacher Ed Kerman of Jeffers Hill; Rebecca Stephens, Ben Kempke and teacher Annette Szawan of Thunder Hill.

Howard County Middle School Gifted/Talented Symphonic Band musicians are Andrea Zundel, Charlie Crosby, Greg Lemich, Barry Dagold and teacher Charlie Phillips of Mayfield Woods; Casey Whitaker, Sarah Youn, David Nennor, Crystal Halcomb and teacher Rich Roberts of Owen Brown.

Howard County Middle School students performing in the 1995 Maryland All State groups are: Morgan Schatz, Celia Bargeon and teacher Debra Stotelmyer of Oakland Mills, with the Junior Orchestra; and Charles Cosby, Alex Perry and teacher Mr. Phillips of Mayfield Woods, with the Junior Chorus.

Howard County Middle School Gifted/Talented Orchestra students are Jennifer Fick, Joseph Stinchcomb, Celia Bargeon, Sara Berlin, Amy Bumiller, Jonathan Bylsma, Michelle Grove and Robin Massie and Ms. Stotelmyer of Oakland Mills.

Howard County High School Gifted/Talented Orchestra: Tamara Daniels, Lisa Ball, Cally Duncan, Jenna Sommers, Alex Ferguson, Vasili Frankos, Rachel Keyser, Kim Loisel, Kalina Sliwinski and teacher Judy Gill of Hammond; Shawn Crouch, Adam Gold, Mike Dusenbery, Betsy Renner, Matt Gealy, Shomo Sinha and teacher Laurie Meeder of Oakland Mills.

Howard County High School musicians performing in the 1995 Maryland All State Groups are: Daryl Burch, Ernest Davis, Kristine Dumlao, Mandy Lamb and teacher Cynthia Stephens of Oakland Mills, all with the Senior Chorus; Lisa Ball, Alex Ferguson and teacher Ron Bowman of Hammond, and Adam Gold and teacher Dan Richmond of Oakland Mills, all with the Senior Concert Band; Tamara Daniles, Vasili Frankos and teacher Ms. Gill of Hammond, and Shomo Sinha-Oakland and teacher Mr. Richmond, with the Senior Orchestra. All of the groups are rehearsing for concerts that are planned for February and March.


Families, friends and neighbors are invited to attend tomorrow's 7:30 p.m. concert by the Oakland Mills Middle School Concert Band and String Orchestra under the direction of band director Tony Liberto and orchestra teacher Debra Stotelmyer.

Information: 313-6937.


The recent striping in Kings Contrivance Village seems to have achieved its purpose of slowing traffic. Howard County traffic engineer Ed Walter reports there has been a definite reduction in speed after striping Edenbrook Road.

G; Stevens Forest Road is scheduled for the same striping.


"The Gospel is Kosher, Mr. Goldberg" is the title of Scott Brown's seminar at 7 p.m. today at Grace Community Church, 9180 Rumsey Road. Mr. Brown represents Chosen People Ministries which was established in 1894 by Rabbi Leopold Cohn. Since then the group has carried to an international scale Cohn's message that Jesus was the Messiah of Israel.

Information: 992-5384.


A word of caution to vehicles traveling White Acre Road, near Talbott Springs Elementary School. Please drive slowly and be alert for the many children passing to and from school.

Although there are crossing guards at intersection crosswalks, children have a tendency to run across the streets wherever convenient for them. Perhaps parents and neighbors could also help by directing the children to a safe crossing place.

The school has requested the Oakland Mills Village Board's Traffic Action Committee to facilitate action for improved safety.

Residents with questions about traffic problems may call 730-4610.


Oakland Mills Co-Op Nursery School in the Thunder Hill Neighborhood Center has announced that there is one opening for a 3-year-old in the Tuesday and Thursday morning class.

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