Ellicott City: 8800 block of Columbia 100...


January 30, 1995


* Ellicott City: 8800 block of Columbia 100 Parkway: Computers were reported stolen from an office Wednesday, police said.

5300 block of Sunnyfield Court: Tools were stolen from a construction trailer after someone cut off its lock Wednesday, police said.

5300 block of Briar Oak Court: Burglars cut phone lines at a construction trailer, pried open its door, entered and stole tools and phones Wednesday, police said.

3000 block of Oak Green Court: Stereo equipment, beer and food were stolen after someone entered a home by tampering with a door lock Thursday, police said.

* Elkridge: 6700 block of Pirch Way: A woman who heard noises at her bedroom window found a man prying the screen loose at 10:30 p.m. Thursday. Police said the man told the woman he wanted to speak with her and then fled with the screen when she told him he was at the wrong address.

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