Staff Predictions Superbowl Xxix

January 29, 1995


The Chargers can maybe control the ball a little and make a big play or two. That's it, and that's not nearly enough. Their defense can't come close to stopping the 49ers. I wish I could figure out a way to call it a close game, but it's one of the worst mismatches in Super Bowl history. Rent a video to watch during the second half.

( * 49ers 45, Chargers 20.


If the 49ers don't get tired marching up and down the field, they should have this one wrapped up in time so you can switch to a rerun of the "60 Minutes" 25th anniversary show. The oddsmakers' only worry is that the 49ers might let up and give the Chargers a late touchdown or two that could cover the spread.

* 49ers 41, Chargers 14.


The Chargers will play hard but are totally outclassed. Steve Young will pick apart San Diego's defense with short passes, opening up the running game. This could be one of the most lopsided Super Bowls ever, but coach George Seifert will pull the starters once it gets out of hand, and the 49ers will win an unprecedented fifth Super Bowl.

( * 49ers 41, Chargers 23.


Much of what's going to happen in the Super Bowl will be determined by developments in the first period. If the Chargers hold their own and stop the 49ers early, it will enhance their chances. The 49ers script their first 15 plays. There's little reason to believe the 49ers are 19 points better.

( * 49ers 23, Chargers 17.

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