County rehires 3 workers who were charged in thefts

January 29, 1995|By From Staff Reports

County Commissioners have rehired two former county employees who were charged with stealing metals from Hoods Mill Landfill, a county personnel official said Friday. The men were hired Thursday as road maintenance workers at a lower pay scale.

The third worker charged in the theft case was rehired in July as a road maintenance worker.

In August, the three men avoided conviction on charges they stole metals from the landfill from January 1990 to November 1993 by agreeing to repay the county within a year and to perform 50 hours of community service each. Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. gave them probation before judgment, which means they can have the charges erased from their records after completing probation.

Donald V. Rhoten, 37, of Hampstead and Richard Lee Sell, 40, of Westminster filed a grievance against county officials and reached the final stage of the process, which is a meeting with the commissioners, said Bill Bates, benefits administrator in the Department of Human Resources and Personnel.

County officials will not release details about the grievance or the settlement. The county grievance procedure is not open to the public. As landfill equipment operators, Mr. Rhoten and Mr. Sell earned between $9.56 per hour and $13.71 per hour. As road maintenance workers, they earn between $8.02 per hour and $11.40 per hour.

They did not receive back pay from when they were arrested in November 1993, Mr. Bates said.

Martin D. Norwood, 48, of Taylorsville also filed a grievance but was rehired before it reached the final stage. He was rehired at a pay scale two levels below his previous level.

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