AFC guy? Say it ain't so, Joe SUPER BOWL XXIX

January 27, 1995|By Vito Stellino and Mike Preston | Vito Stellino and Mike Preston,Sun Staff Writers

MIAMI -- San Francisco 49ers tight end Brent Jones, who used to catch passes from Joe Montana, is disappointed that the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback says he has mixed feelings about Super Bowl XXIX.

Although Montana said earlier in the week he hopes the 49ers win it for owner Eddie DeBartolo, he added, "I'm an AFC guy now."

Jones replied: "I've heard Joe said he's rooting for the Chargers because he's an AFC guy. If you ask me, that's a little weak."

Jones added: "I've done nothing but root for Joe and the Chiefs. There's eight guys on this team he played with [on offense] who were a big part of his career as well, and to have him say he's rooting for the Chargers, that's tough. . . . A lot of guys pulled for him [in Kansas City] because he's our friend. I was just a little

bummed out."

Extra padding

The 49ers wore pads for 30 minutes during their one-hour, 40-minute workout yesterday.

"I've heard other teams wear pads more, but we haven't and it's worked for us. We feel we're fresher for this time of the season," coach George Seifert said.

The 49ers seemed loose at practice, but Seifert wasn't concerned. "Yes, we are. But the practices that we've had here )) have been the same as we practiced for Dallas and Chicago [in their first two playoff games]," he said.

Quick Rice

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, now a commentator with ESPN, says the Chargers will get a taste of 49ers receiver Jerry Rice early.

"They script the first 20 plays, and I guarantee you that quick post is in there somewhere," said Theismann. "Will the Chargers pass the test? I don't know. Nobody else has."

Rice seems to be ready for the game. He made two spectacular shoestring catches in full stride at practice yesterday.

Dogging Deion

Chargers offensive coordinator Ralph Friedgen took his daily shot at 49ers cornerback Deion Sanders.

"We're going to load up with two tight ends and hopefully get around the corner," said Friedgen. "Then No. 21 will have to make the tackle. I don't think that's in his contract."

Body by pizza

When quarterback Stan Humphries came to the Chargers three years ago, some of his teammates thought he was a fullback. Humphries is 6 feet 2, 223 pounds.

"He eats more pizza than anybody I've ever seen," said offensive tackle Stan Brock. "If he keeps this up, he'll be on the offensive line."

Does layoff favor favorite?

Jimmy Johnson, the coach-turned-commentator, had an interesting perspective on why some of the Super Bowls have been blowouts when there are two weeks between the !c conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

"The biggest thing in the Super Bowl is time of preparation," Johnson told the Miami Herald. "When Buffalo had one week to prepare, it was a lot closer. But two weeks give the favorite that much more of an advantage. That's why there are so many blowouts. The better team just gets a lot better."

Pressing issue

Sharon Reed, of the TV tabloid show "American Journal," spent her Tuesday morning asking first the Chargers and then the 49ers what kind of underwear they favor. Harry Boatswain, a 49ers backup tackle, ended up bench-pressing Reed as his teammates hooted approval.

"It was great for me. I hope it was great for her," said Boatswain. "It's just having fun."

Stolen tickets

Scalping Super Bowl tickets is a ritual, but some fans might get burned this year.

The NFL has announced that 235 lost or stolen tickets -- most of them part of the allotment of 262 Miami Dolphins tickets that were stolen -- still haven't been recovered. The NFL even announced the section and row number of all the stolen tickets. Fans using those tickets Sunday will not be allowed in.

The NFL said it usually has to deal with 40 or 50 stolen tickets.


Jerry Markbreit, completing his 19th season as an NFL official, will referee Sunday's game. The assignment is Markbreit's fourth as Super Bowl ref, the most for any league official. He also worked the 1983 and 1987 games in Pasadena, Calif., and the 1992 game in Minneapolis, and was an alternate at last year's game in Atlanta. . . . The Joe Namath Award goes to Chargers cornerback Darrien Gordon, who came up with this: "If we're ahead at halftime, we will win." Gordon, though, didn't guarantee it. . . . When the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Overtown Senior Center in Miami has been without a TV set since the last one was stolen, an anonymous donor from San Francisco purchased a 27-inch set for the center. Overtown was the site of the riots when the Super Bowl was last held here after the 1988 season.

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