Savage association to elect new directors, officers


January 27, 1995|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

It's time again for the Savage Community Association to choose a new board of directors and new officers.

The community association keeps the rest of us informed about local changes and conditions that affect how well we live. It meets monthly, usually at Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage.

Because it's a community group, membership and seats on the board are open to all. It manages to be a very relaxed group while keeping abreast of things like local zoning changes and proposals for new facilities. It's the least cliquish group I know.

While we all benefit from the association's information, some members do more than their share. They'd like a little help running the association, which was instrumental in keeping Gorman Road from becoming an on-ramp to Interstate 95. It also keeps tabs on what will be finally built on the old racetrack on Route 1 and has voiced to the county council the community's concerns about traffic generated by the proposed stadium in Laurel. If you have 1 1/2 hours a month to serve with the group, come to the next meeting, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Carroll Baldwin Hall.

In addition to conducting its regular business, the meeting will elect new members to the board of directors and to offices. All offices are open to new members.

Please call Bill Waff at (301) 725-1089 with questions about the association or running for office.


Time once again for the monthly meeting of the Savage/North Laurel La Leche League. This is a support and educational group that encourages mothers to nurse their children.

This month's topic includes "Planning for Baby." It's a truism that no one ever plans enough for a new child. The amount of gear a baby needs is astonishing, not to mention the time it takes to care of one.

But there are tricks to making the chores both efficient and delightful. The LaLeche mothers know most of these tricks. Expectant women are especially welcome at this meeting, as are nursing mothers and their children.

The meeting begins at 10:15 a.m. Wednesday at the Savage Library on Durness Lane. Call Cindy Clemmens at (301) 604-4964 or Kim Wissman at (301) 854-5568 for details and directions.


Several thousand people had a grand time riding the carousel, shopping for crafts and enjoying the 10 hours or so of free entertainment at Savage Fest '94, but the event did not recoup its costs. In addition, the core group of planning volunteers will lose two members to health and academic concerns. The festival needs new volunteers and sponsors or it may be canceled.

The Savage Community Association is looking for a few of the other community groups to help plan and sponsor the Fest. The Savage, North Laurel, Jessup and Guilford area is blessed by a dozen churches, all with choirs, men's groups, youth groups and more.

We have seniors groups, historical recreationists, train buffs and other interesting folks in our area. How about joining together to make Savage Fest a truly community event?

Think of the new members to be acquired when your group's activities are displayed at the festival. If you have ideas, or just are curious about the festival, come to the Savage Fest '95 planning meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Carroll Baldwin Hall.

Or, call Bill or Ellen Waff at (301) 725-1089.


The Savage Boys and Girls Club soccer mavens report these showdowns last week: In the Instructional league, the Terrapins thumped the Spartans, 42-24. Brian Nagle, Tyler Annett and Matt Stevens led the fearless reptiles. Scott Shores, Scott Peddicord and Bill Struthers contended valiantly for the Spartans.

In the Junior league, the Gophers nudged the Bucks, 34-31. Brandon Boring, Adam Engelkemier and Patrick Peters rallied the hustling Gophers. Mark Nowacek, Keegan Wilkinson and Paulie Thompson ran hard with the Bucks.

The Badgers tore the Spartans, 46-11. Kelley Morrison, Steven Taylor and Adam Young led the Badgers. Aubrey Barrett, Richard Delia and John Engelkemier led the Spartans.

In the Intermediate league, the Lakers bested the Celtics, 49-35. Ryan Miller, George Voneiff and Scott Regan drowned the Celtics' hope of victory. Bryen Johnson, Lance Rutledge and Patrick Akins put on a superb performance for the Celtics.


Registration for "Fractured Fairy Tales," a story time for 6- to 9-year-olds at the Savage Library, is now open.

Fractured Fairy Tales, hoary classics with a twist of wit, will be presented Feb. 8 from 4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Savage Library.

Call Kathryn Bloom at (410) 880-5978 to register.

Think of it, harried parents can spend 45 minutes in a library while the children are in the story room.

Parents can check out the murder mysteries, the serious fiction, even the video selections unhampered by plaintive voices asking for help finding the bathrooms.

=1 Hurry, because library programs fill up fast!

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