5 arrested in raids charged with marijuana possession

January 27, 1995

Five people were arrested when city police raided two homes in the first block of Liberty Street Wednesday night and yesterday morning, according to investigators.

In the raids, described as part of a continuing investigation, police said they recovered marijuana and paraphernalia.

James Lance Brady, 23, who lives in one of the houses raided, was held in lieu of $3,000 bond after a hearing before a court commissioner.

Two other men who live in the same house, James Edward Peddicord, 20, and Garth Thomas Brady, 24, also were arrested, police said. Laura Margaret Appler, 26, of the first block of Madison Street was arrested in that raid, police said.

Mr. Peddicord, Mr. Brady and Ms. Appler were released on their own recognizance.

During the raid Wednesday night, officers of the criminal investigation division arrested Joseph Martin McCoy, 20.

In that raid, police recovered a small amount of marijuana and related paraphernalia. Mr. McCoy was released on his own recognizance.

All five arrested in the raids were charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, officers said.


* Westminster: A resident of Milton Avenue reported to city police someone broke the windshield of his motor home while it was parked near his house Wednesday. The damage is estimated at $500.

An official of Grace Lutheran Church on Carroll Street told city police someone stole a VCR from the building Wednesday. The value was estimated at $200.

A resident of East Green Street reported to city police someone threw a rock at her auto, damaging the left turn signal Wednesday. The damage is estimated at $100.

An official of Monopoly Pizza on Pennsylvania Avenue told city police someone broke into the shop and stole materials Wednesday. The loss is estimated at $43.


* Pleasant Valley: Pleasant Valley responded to a call of wires down on Hughes Shop Road at 7:09 a.m. yesterday. Units were out for 10 minutes.

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