Sykesville man held after assault on police officers

January 27, 1995

A 31-year-old Sykesville man being held in lieu of $10,500 bond is suspected of assaulting two Sykesville police officers in the court commissioner's office.

Kelvin W. Mason of 600 block of Oklahoma Road was being held yesterday evening at the detention center on charges of resisting arrest, malicious destruction of property, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia for packaging and storing and causing a disturbance.

Sykesville Pfc. Onas W. Jansen 3rd said he and Pfc. John Iannone were called to an Oklahoma Avenue home at 7:58 p.m. yesterday for a domestic complaint.

After speaking with a couple at the house, the officers left.

At 8:03 p.m. the officers received a second call to return to the house for another domestic complaint.

When the officers returned to the house, the woman led police to a bedroom where she showed the officers a small bag of possible marijuana.

Officers said the woman told them the suspect had bragged that the police didn't find the drugs on the first visit to the house. She asked the officers to take the drugs and arrest the man.

The suspect was taken before a court commissioner in Westminster and bail was set at $3,000. Police said the suspect would not sign the court papers, then became irate and refused to be handcuffed by the officers.

The man struggled with the officers, causing all of them to to bounce off the wall and onto the floor, police said in charging documents.

Officer Jansen said in court papers he warned Mr. Mason if he didn't stop fighting he would be sprayed with pepper spray.

"It is the first time I have had to use the pepper spray, and it immediately stopped his fighting," Officer Jansen said.

Officer Iannone was taken to the hospital with a severely sprained thumb.

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