Of Art

January 27, 1995|By Colleen M. Webster

She was speaking

as the car swerved by lit developments

where families ate through Jeopardy

and yawned through Beverly Hills 90210.

''You know, about Gauguin, his colors

were never the same after Martinique

and Panama with Charles Laval.

Still, he had his son, Emile,

with him in Paris, the other four

with his wife in her home, Holland.

It was mainly the brush strokes

that Gauguin changed, VanGogh and

he not agreeing right up to

the night Vincent cut off his ear.

Yes, Gauguin was there, the two

of them fighting across the

Arles countryside and absinthes

instead of dinner when they

could afford only one or the other.

Those Pont-Aven pieces show his

break with Impressionism, his movetoward the definitive look

inspired by Emile Bernard and

the French Symbolist poets -- ''

''Look, a Porsche!''


And pavement spread out beneath

the speeding car like a lonely ribbon,

paying no attention to her voice.

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