Sanders lobbies for opportunity to return kicks

January 26, 1995|By Vito Stellino

MIAMI -- San Francisco 49ers cornerback Deion Sanders is lobbying for a chance to play more than defense in the Super Bowl.

Sanders put his arm around coach George Seifert at one point during San Francisco's practice yesterday and the two talked for a few minutes. It ended with Seifert laughing.

"If he puts his arm around me, you know exactly what he's asking for -- offensive playing time," Seifert said. "Hopefully, we'll be in a position [Sunday] to do it."

That's an indication that Seifert may not want to risk Sanders as a kick returner unless the 49ers have the game in hand.

Seifert doesn't want to take a chance on getting Sanders hurt, but said he will practice returning kicks this week.

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