Bulls' Pippen to learn today if he gets seat for tossing chair

January 26, 1995|By Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- Scottie Pippen scurried out the side door of the Berto Center yesterday morning, unwilling to answer questions about his tossing a folding chair onto the United Center court after being ejected from the Chicago Bulls' game Tuesday night against the San Antonio Spurs.

Rod Thorn, NBA vice president of operations, will announce Pippen's penalty today.

As of yesterday afternoon, Thorn was awaiting a report from NBA security, which was to interview all parties involved.

A simple ejection calls for a $1,000 fine. Without saying for sure, Thorn sounded as if a significant fine and at least a one-game suspension was in order for throwing the chair, a penalty that would cost Pippen a minimum of nearly $26,000 (the equivalent of his per-game salary).

"When you throw a chair onto the middle of the floor, that's very serious," Thorn said. "If you looked at that, they were in the process of putting stuff on the floor [for a timeout promotion]. There were little kids nearby."

Official Joey Crawford told Thorn that Pippen had been "ragging" all three officials in the crew about what he considered to be three-second violations on the Spurs in previous trips downcourt.

"What Joe was trying to tell him was that when the ball is in the air, it's no longer a three-second count," Thorn said.

"He didn't like my response," Crawford said. "And the next time they got the ball, he screams, 'Three seconds!' I knew he was doing that for my benefit, so I whacked him with a 'T' and he went nuts. So I threw him, simple as that."

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