Town uses recycling bin for plastic

January 26, 1995

Sykesville is the only county town that wants to keep a red recycling bin.

While the other municipalities are discarding the containers, "we will use it as the only way to get rid of our plastics," said Mayor Jonathan Herman.

The town began curbside pickup of newspapers, glass and aluminum in October, but crews do not collect plastic.

"We need to provide that service to residents," said Councilwoman Julie Kaus, chairwoman of the recycling committee. "We have to go against the grain of the rest of the towns and keep the red bin, at least on a trial basis."

Ms. Kaus would restrict time and access to the bin and ask volunteers to monitor it. "That means opening bags and making sure the contents are not contaminated with nonrecyclables," said Councilman Garth Adams.

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