Zeal for coordination means 100 pairs of shoes


January 26, 1995|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff Writer

Laura McDaniel takes her shoes seriously . . . all 100 pairs of them.

That's why when she decided to buy a new home, she made one request of the builder: She wanted enough closet space to show off her shoes.

But until her home is finished this spring, her collection of footwear -- which includes leopard-print heels, beaded sneakers and fuchsia pumps -- will remain in assorted shoe racks around her current Crownsville home.

"I long to own a closet that can meet all my clothing demands," says Ms. McDaniel, 34, programs manager for Dollar Systems Inc. "I'd like it to look like a retail store room."

Q: How did you get hooked on shoes?

A: I wouldn't say I'm hooked, but I am an accessory person. I'm one of those coordinated-type people. I like my shoes to match my skirt to match my jewelry.

Q: What size are you?

A: I'm unusual in that my foot has been the same size since 11th grade. I'm a size 6. People give me shoes. My aunt is the same size. She passes along shoes she doesn't like.

Q: Which are your favorites?

A: I've got two pairs of shoes -- camel-colored loafers and leather sandals -- from Cancun. Whenever I find a pair I like, I buy several colors. I just got Nine West loafers in navy, tan and hunter green.

Q: Describe your wildest pair.

A: I have a pair of plaid pumps with a matching plaid purse. Everyone laughs when I wear them. They say, "You look like a grandmother." It's like Laura and the Technicolor shoes. Since the shoes are loud, I wear them with a basic dress. It's definitely a certain look: bold yet understated.

Q: Which shoes would you put in your hall of fame?

A: On my 30th birthday, I was kidnapped by friends and taken on a shopping spree. We found this whole outfit -- a purple sun dress and deep purple pumps. They would be in my hall of fame because they're affiliated with this crazy, fun day my knuckle-headed friends planned.

Then I have concert shoes. You wear them when you're going to Merriweather, and you don't want to wear anything too good that might get ruined. My red sandals are my favorites. I've worn them to see Sting, Jimmy Buffett and Jackson Browne.

Q: Do you have maintenance tips?

A: I keep the stuff the shoes came with -- the padding that helps them hold their shape and the box. I get them resoled and heel protectors put on. When the weather gets bad, I wear a pair of all-weather shoes or boots until I get into the office.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I definitely have to be coordinated. I've evolved into one of those females you read about who needs clothing that can do a lot of things. And everything that I put on has to match, even hair barrettes. My basic feeling is that it's not that much harder to look pulled together than just thrown together.

Q: What are your most reliable outfits?

A: I have a few nice suits that make me feel like a million dollars. One is royal blue with a two-button, high-collared jacket and a tailored skirt.

Q: Where do you shop?

A: My favorite things are bought on trips. Around here, I get a lot of stuff at Hecht's, Woodie's and Casual Corner. For fun clothes, I go to the Limited and the Gap.

Q: What have you held on to for purely sentimental reasons?

A: Some silk peasant-style blouses that came from St. Martin. I really don't wear them anymore, but I can't give them away because they're a treasure from that time.

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