Robbers use drugs in victim's home

January 25, 1995

A Jacobsville man told county police that three men forced their way into his home at gunpoint Monday afternoon, stole money from his wallet, then forced him to sit at the dining room table with them as they drank beer and smoked crack cocaine, authorities said.

Constantine George Padussis, 42, said he answered his front door shortly after 1 p.m. and two men walked into the house. Mr. Padussis thought the men were there to pick up a package his sister was sending by United Parcel Service. But moments later a third man ran through the door, pulled out a gun and demanded Mr. Padussis' money, police said.

Mr. Padussis went to the dining room and took an undisclosed amount of money from his jewelry box. The gunman took a gold chain from the victim's neck, then he and his cohorts sat at the dining room table for an hour while they smoked crack and helped themselves to beer from Mr. Padussis' refrigerator, police said.


* Pasadena: Someone stole 94 bleacher steps from the football stands at Chesapeake High School, in the 4700 block of Mountain Road, over the weekend. The aluminum steps are six feet long and 10 inches wide. Each step is worth about $100, police said.

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