Spirit drubs Dynamo in record 29-10 win

January 23, 1995|By Debbie Juniewicz | Debbie Juniewicz,Special to The Sun

DAYTON, Ohio -- A bench-clearing brawl, four player ejections and an angry crowd that had to be restrained by security . . . no, it wasn't a hockey game. It was the scene yesterday as the Baltimore Spirit visited the Dayton Dynamo.

The Spirit left its mark, routing the Dynamo, 29-10, to set a club record for scoring.

There were 21 seconds to play in the third period and Baltimore held a 22-6 lead when Dayton's Jeff DeVettori tackled Franklin McIntosh while attempting a steal. The Baltimore midfielder started swinging at De- Vettori, who was caught off-guard.

BTC "I still don't know what I did to deserve that," DeVettori said.

According to the Dayton defenseman, McIntosh landed five punches. McIntosh would not comment.

"There were at least three times that someone went over the ball on him [McIntosh]," Spirit coach Dave MacWilliams said. "He just reacted. He could be put out for the season by a move like that."

What ensued was a bench-clearing melee that brought both coaches and all of the players on to the Dayton Convention Center field. The players piled on DeVettori and McIntosh, and the referees had a rough time stopping the chaos and sorting out the penalties.

The crowd of 3,122 started shouting, "Throw him out," at McIntosh. Cheers erupted as the officials did just that. McIntosh and DeVettori were ejected, as were Dayton's Chris Pfau and Baltimore's Lance Johnson for coming in off the bench.

"We thought it would be a battle in the third period, because we knew at 17-2 after halftime, they weren't about to roll over," MacWilliams said. "It was intense out there."

It was so intense that at least five Baltimore players and several security guards had to escort McIntosh to the locker room for his own safety.

Dayton found the net two times and Baltimore scored four more times in the final period to close out the game.

Baltimore's Kevin Sloan set a franchise record of his own with five goals. The former Dayton player had 12 points on the night.

It capped a satisfying weekend for the Spirit (15-8), which won back-to-back games after several two-a-day practices last week, MacWilliams' response to a disappointing loss.

"At this point in the season, every win is a big win," MacWilliams said. "This gives us some distance in the standings."

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