America's Cup Summary

January 22, 1995

Yesterday's winds at the start were 5-6 knots southwest. Seas were 3 feet.


Yesterday's result: Team Dennis Conner's Stars and Stripes (2-3) def. America3 (1-5).

Start: Conner +:07 1st leg: Conner +1:37

2nd leg: Conner +2:47 3rd leg: Conner +1:40

4th leg: Conner +1:55 5th leg: Conner +1:14

6th leg: Conner +1:51 Time: 1:51

Yesterday's bye: PACT '95 (5-0).

Today's race: PACT '95 vs. Team Dennis Conner.

Today's bye: America3.

* (End of first round robin)


Yesterday's results: oneAustralia (3-2) def. France (0-5), 1:24; Nippon (4-2) def. Sydney '95 (2-3), 4:09; Win New Zealand (4-1) def. Spain (0-5), 7:03.

Yesterday's bye: Team New Zealand (5-0).

Today's races: Team New Zealand vs. Sydney '95; Spain vs. France; Win New Zealand vs. oneAustralia.

Today's bye: Nippon.

(End of first round robin)

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