Siegel seeks cooperation

January 22, 1995

Dear Jim,

Thank you very much for your well-thought-out presentation on the reasons for the maintenance of the present Columbia governance structure. Every one of the items is worthy of serious consideration.

Upon reflection, I have come to understand that we may be talking past each other. I have a global and philosophical, rather than practical, perspective on these matters.

Could we find some time just to talk about "where we are coming from"?

The model for Columbia was fashioned in a very different world from the one we inhabit today. In no way do I wish to destroy the extraordinary city you have built. I want only to enhance it so it can be a model for the next century.

It may sound strange in light of past history, but I think of us as a "team" with complementary visions and skills.

I really want to work together with you and show the community that Columbians can work together even if we disagree on some things to make the better community we all want.

I look forward to further conversation.


Rabbi Martin Siegel

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