Holdredge's AppointmentI feel that I must reply to...


January 22, 1995

Holdredge's Appointment

I feel that I must reply to comments which appeared in The Sun for Harford County on Jan. 15 concerning the appointment of director of planning and zoning for Harford County.

The article was an absolute character assassination by a former Harford County legislator about the administration's choice for director of planning and zoning. I guess the fact that the former legislator's agenda failed so miserably in the recent election must make him bitter.

I must say that being the owner of a small surveying firm, I may be considered part of the evil empire which the former legislator seems to be so paranoid about. Actually, I am just a small business owner trying to make a living in Harford County.

In any case, I have known Arden Holdredge for the past eight years and have dealt with her in a professional capacity during most of that time. At no time have Mrs. Holdredge's actions ever been anything but above board and professional. Mrs. Holdredge has a set of guidelines which has been set forth by the County Council and I believe she has enforced these laws without prejudice and in a very commendable fashion. There have been many cases where Mrs. Holdredge and I have not agreed and Harford County's position has never been compromised.

I would like to applaud the administration's appointment for director of planning and zoning. Harford County's interests will be well served by Mrs. Holdredge.

Erich J. Schmitt


Bulletproof Vests

After reading Gary McLhinney's letter, "Bulletproof Vest Bill Should Not Be Ridiculed," in The Sun (Dec. 18), I must seriously challenge his position on protective vests.

It is insanely funny for Mr. McLhinney to suggest that restrictive actions be taken against law-abiding citizens because of what a criminal might do.

If Mr. McLhinney were a true believer in restricting the sale of something out of fear that a criminal might use it, why not advocate automobile restrictions? After all, might a police officer be killed by an automobile after drinking and then driving?

Do you honestly believe that criminals should have open access to a car when they routinely commit drive-by shootings, hit-and-runs and engage in high-speed chases which cause injuries to the police and law-abiding citizens?

When criminals use cars, don't they enhance "the potential of injury to our working police officers by neutralizing the officers' 00 ability to defend themselves with deadly force when necessary"?

If it only saves one life and can make the police job easier, why not restrict the sale of cars?

I was also glad to see Mr. McLhinney laud Maryland's extremist gun control policies as justification for regulating protective vests.

Perhaps he can explain why he believes criminals are ignoring laws regarding carrying concealed weapons before he endorses similar laws on protective vests?

It seems to me that if the present limitations on carrying concealed weapons had worked, there would be no need for the police, law-abiding citizen or criminal to own a protective vest.

Just as there are no facts to indicate that a vest is bulletproof, there are no facts to indicate that a restriction on protective vests will keep criminals from using them.

Mr. McLhinney also suggests that the Baltimore police are required to "walk the violent streets" (as if law-abiding citizens don't) to strengthen his position on restricting the sale of protective vests.

Don't get me wrong for what I am about to say: I sincerely appreciate the fine job our police are doing, but the last time I checked, police work was voluntary and not compulsory.

Thomas E. Maloney

Bel Air

Listening to Elders

Poor Joycelyn Elders. A voice in the wilderness? A prophet before her time, of a sexual revolution yet to be?

We are raising children with an ever-decreasing age of sexual maturity projected against a hoped-for increasing age of sexual fulfilment and we ask them to sit on it. Not only that, but when a public figure (in charge of the national health) suggests we teach our children about a safe sexual outlet (to bridge the gap) the reaction is "off with her head."

How realistic is this in a culture that rains pseudo-sexual titillation down on us with all the vengeance of Noah's flood and all the veracity of the Piltdown Man?

There is an old Arab saying that comes to mind: "If you want to tell the truth around here, you better have one foot in the stirrup."

Russ Seese


Silver Lining

I would like to commend James Pinto on his excellent letter ("Post-Election Diatribe") in the Jan. 8 edition of The Sun for Harford County.

It seems that just the other day I was telling my wife that the only silver lining from Harford County Councilwoman Theresa Pierno's Nov. 8 defeat will be a reprieve from another Frank Soltis long-winded, anti-Pierno rambling.

Ken Spoerl

Bel Air

1,000 Words?

Photo intelligence is a little out of my line, but I have read some commentaries. I was intrigued by the photo of two Chechen soldiers that you ran in the Jan. 6 edition of The Sun.

If these men are truly avoiding sniper fire, why is the man in the background casually walking down the street? One of the soldiers has his helmet tilted back. Is that for the photographer's benefit, so that more of his face will be revealed? He also seems to be smiling, and is looking toward the camera. Is he posing? Is this a staged picture?

If this picture is fabricated, then how reliable are the other news reports coming out of Grozny?

Mike Brown

Havre de Grace

Strange to Bizarro

What idiotic moron replaced "The Far Side" with "The Family Circus"? The philosophies of these two strips are completely alien to each other.

Years ago, The Sun removed the brilliant strip, "Bizarro," by Dan Piraro, but do you think The Sun would bring it back? Noooo.

Harry Yarnell


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