50 Years Ago* Bills introduced in the state Senate and...


January 22, 1995|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

50 Years Ago

* Bills introduced in the state Senate and referred after a first reading to the select committee composed of Senators Shipley, Funk and Warfield include the following: A bill authorizing the commissioners of Carroll County to levy the sum of $200 each year for a period of five years, beginning with the year 1946, and pay the sum specified to the Historical Society of Carroll County; a bill increasing salaries so that the collector of state and county taxes be authorized to appoint an assistant and that collector and assistant receive annual salaries not exceeding $2,600 and $1,500 respectively, and neither shall receive any fees or compensation other than the salaries; a bill increasing compensation so that the county treasurer and clerk to the county commissioners will receive a salary not exceeding $2,600. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 19, 1945.

75 Years Ago

* An inquest was held in the Town Hall before S. J. Brandenburg, acting coroner, late Friday afternoon over the body of Dementio Fabizzio, who was found on the railroad tracks a short distance east of town on Friday morning with a gunshot wound in his back. . . . The verdict was that he came to his death from the effects of a gun shot. . . . The fact that his boots were found lying on the bank intact, yet his feet were both mangled, lends strength to the supposition that he was first murdered, then placed on the track to hide the crime. "Monk" Green was arrested and taken to jail Monday evening, also a gun belonging to him. . . . A foreigner, who was a boarder in the murdered man's family, is also in jail on suspicion of having some knowledge of the deed. A preliminary trial will be held in the Town Hall in the near future, probably someday next week. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Jan. 16, 1920.

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